I woke up wrapped up in blankets. The curtains were pulled together so the room was pitch-black. I groped around in the darkness until I found my phone on the night stand. It was 11:30 am and I had a couple of notifications to check out. One of the texts was sent by my friend roughly two hours earlier and it said: ‘How “Autumn in New York” is this weather!’
At that point I was only hearing the drip drop sound of the rain hitting the ground and I slowly got up and let the light come in. I replied to my friend saying: ‘This is perfect for my activities. Staying in and reading all day. That’s fine with me.’
The moment when I opened the drawer where I store the coffee and the smell of it hit me made me really happy. I looked out the window and smiled. I paid more attention than usual when I prepared the Turkish coffee.

I lit up candles and incense sticks. The smoky amber scent and the dim lights put me into a state of calmness and peace.

I drank the hot, strong coffee and I thought of many things: my mom’s birthday tomorrow, the weather in NYC, falling in love, what book should I read next et cetera.

I realized that the summer days are now over and found myself smiling at the thought of how nicely ‘October’ sounds. I have missed the fall and I am definitely looking forward to seeing how this will turn into winter and that into spring and finally the spring into summer again.

Despite the weather or maybe because of it I feel a warm wave of happiness inside.

“When the rain is blowin’ in your face…”