Starting today until the end of the week I’m going to feature one photo of Aiden Shaw per day on my Sartorial page. The photos were shot for the brand named Oscar Jacobson.

The attire I picked for Tuesday (as pictured above) is perfect for a day at the office, elegant top with warm fabrics (wool & cashmere probably) and a nice combination of patterns. The jeans tone down the stiffness of the outfit making it suitable for a laid-back gentleman.

Aiden Shaw has an interesting and – many would say – controversial past, but he is, nonetheless, one of the exponents of aging beautifully.

The grey pants go very well with the navy blazer. I love the layering: the vest to keep you warm, the cable-knit linen sweater for the right touch of brown and the houndstooth patterned scarf to make the outfit complete and distinctive. Oh, and I almost forget the pocket square, which is well chosen because it’s inconspicuous.

Thursday would probably be the right day to embrace a sober-ish color for your outfit. It feels like it’s almost weekend but you still have the rest of the day and Friday until you can break loose.
Pick a pair of checked charcoal grey trousers that you can combine nicely with a pinstripe shirt, because the pattern on the pants is subtle enough. Put on a black coat which could be dull by itself if it wasn’t for the patterned scarf. And literally, the bottom line, choose a pair of black brogue boots which is, by the way, a valuable item in a man’s wardrobe.

Looking good on that bar stool, getting ready for the weekend!
A more relaxed outfit for today, since it’s Friday: brown brogue boots, rolled up jeans and a very nice layering – a patterned wool jacket over a cashmere turtleneck over a white shirt which is not tucked in. The white pocket square adds on as a nice detail.
Careful with the bourbon!

It’s Saturday so you woke up late and you have to meet your friends for brunch. You don’t wanna show off – you just want to feel comfortable. You can pick a pair of grey wool trousers, the brogue boots again (told you they are a great item), a casual shirt underneath the vest and a simple, classic coat. The only item that you are playing with is the scarf. You can choose one with the pattern you like, but don’t go to crazy on the colors. A two-tone should do.

It’s Sunday and therefore, the last photo of the Aiden Shaw series.
This outfit is perfect for today: a white turtleneck in contrast with the black slim-fit trousers. I love the length of them too. A pair of beautiful black shoes, no socks and finally, the right junction between the top and the bottom, a sand Chevron peacoat.
“Easy like Sunday morning…”