The photos in this post will speak for themselves so I will only reiterate the idea in the title and say that this is heaven for book lovers.

It looks like someone’s house, it looks like a café, it looks like what it actually is: a workspace for a Sydney based bookshop which sells rare books, manuscripts and paintings – Hordern House.

Responsible for this work of art is Busatti Studio – an interior design firm from Australia (but inspired by the Italian Busatti, an artisan fabric house weaving linen and cotton in Anghiari, Tuscany since 1842).

I love how the rigidity of the office space (white walls, bookshelves, industrial windows) is tempered by the cozy colorful rugs and the plants, the leather armchair – which give it a homey feeling.

The natural light is perfect, the tidiness – somehow contrasting but so necessary (I think) for an antique bookshop… if you add an espresso machine and the smell of coffee… well, that’s quite a tableau…

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A book lover's dream // by Silviu Tolu

A book lover's dream by Busatti Studio, Au //


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A book lover's dream // Silviu Tolu

A book lover's dream by Busatti Studio /

A book lover's dream place // Silviu Tolu

A book lover's dream by Busatti Studio /