Now and then you’ll find yourself in the same situation. One of those sunny afternoons, when the second (or even third) coffee is kicking in and you don’t feel like staying in the office to work on your computer. So whatever is on your mind, you should try and let it out. And I mean that quite literally. Go for a walk. As I was going out the door I saw there was a last strip of sun that I wouldn’t have caught have I stayed in a minute longer. And I started walking towards the busy streets in Chinatown, already feeling better.

Sometimes you feel trapped in your own mind and that’s fine. It’s even better if you realize it and try to step out for a second.

chinatown with silviu tolu by adrian nina

You can practice that with meditation, among other things.  I’ve been using Headspace for quite a while now and I really like it so far.

When the noise of a crowded street in New York becomes background sound it’s good. What is also good is reversing the process and become present. Listen to people. Say ‘Hello’ to a stranger that’s passing by.

Interact with the street vendors. 

Smile. A walk in Chinatown can be as relaxing and relieving as a walk in the park, or fifteen minutes of meditation, or a phone call with your dear ones.

chinatown with silviu tolu by adrian nina

Photos by Adrian Nina.

Chinatown with Silviu Tolu by Adrian Nina

Chinatown with Silviu Tolu on

Chinatown with Silviu Tolu

chinatown with silviu tolu
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