I can’t recall how exactly I came across Ditte Isager but the beautiful calmness of his photographs fascinated me right away.

He was born and raised in Copenhagen, Denmark and he shoots interiors, personalities, lifestyle and travel. Take a look at his website but beware, it can become addictive.

The story that I wanted to share with you it’s called “BON APPÉTIT” and it was shot two years ago. It caught my attention immediately because I saw my winter fantasies brought to life through his photos. I don’t even want to bother to write them down now so I’ll let you enjoy it.









ditte Isager-BA_10 by silviu tolu

Isn’t it wonderful how you can feel the cold air and the snow, smell the mulled wine, the pork and the biscuits and empathize with the joyous kids? I guess the man knows what he’s doing.