Despite being still very young, Giotto Calendoli has confidently risen to the level of Italian Style Icon, redefining what we call “effortless cool” and challenging menswear in a very authentic manner.

“He always plays life by his own terms and conditions”, as stated straightforwardly on his website, The Atelier, a platform where he curates products and places that inspire him. You can also catch a glimpse of his lifestyle on his super popular Instagram.

Giotto Calendoli: “To me, being independent is being successful.”

ST: Hi Giotto and thank you for writing for If an old friend that you haven’t seen in years would ask you “What do you do?” – how would you answer that?
GC: Well… I had some issues with this especially when I tried to explain my job to my parents.

But if I succeeded with them, explaining it to an old friend would be “easier”. I would say that I work with my image, collaborate with luxury brands and at the same time I am a creative director for my new brand called Grand Pa.

Giotto Calendoli / Talks by SIlviu Tolu

ST: Can you give us some background info like how did you get started and if this is something you’ve always dreamed of doing?

GC: I would’ve never ever imagined that it would happen to me, because everything started as a joke, I spent 30 euros for the domain of and when I moved to Milan (4 years ago) I received an invite for a fashion show during Milan fashion week, and from there everything changed thanks to the street style.

ST: What does being successful mean to you?
GC: Being independent.

ST: How would you describe your style and where do you get your inspiration from when dressing up?
GC: I describe my style as versatile and simple, I get inspired when I travel, from the people on the street from all over the world.

ST: You are attending a dinner with friends on a summer night in Portofino. What are you going to wear?

GC: It depends on the season, if the dinner was in the summer I would go with comfortable pants in sandy linen with a simple white t-shirt, preferably barefoot otherwise a canvas shoe, obviously with accessories (necklaces and rings).


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ST: Do you have any daily habits or rituals that help you being productive and/or creative?

ST: Any tips or advice on how can someone develop a cool personal style?

BE YOURSELF ALWAYS, and do not follow something just because somebody said that is cool. #FUCKTHEM

ST: You’re going to a friend’s birthday party. What are you bringing as a gift?
GC: A good bottle of wine.

Giotto Calendoli / Talks by Silviu Tolu
ST: Giotto, what is a clothing item that every man should own?
GC: Every man should own different EVERGREENS as hats, shearling jackets, boots etc. That’s why I created GrandPa, a brand of classics that every man should own.

ST: Who is the first person you think of when you say Iconic?

GC: My grandfather Giotto.

ST: Favorite watch? 
GC: A vintage Rolex that I will never change.

ST: What brand(s) would you recommend to a friend looking to get some cool accessories like necklaces, bracelets, rings?
GC: Actually when it comes to accessories I always have a difficult time to find them in the shops, thats why i love vintage markets, because you’ll always find unique pieces.

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ST: Car or motorcycle? The ideal model?
GC: Well I love both… Mercedes G class (70’s) and a BMW R100 custom.

ST: Your favorite clothing item?
GC: At the moment my hat.

ST: What’s your go-to cocktail?
GC: Negroni.

ST: Who is your female inspiration?
GC: Patricia Manfield.

ST:  If you would be stranded on an island and you could pick a book (fiction or non-fiction), a music album, or a one personal item, what would these be?

GC: I would go with the upcoming album of Patricia Manfield aka HEIR. It would be an amazing vibe down there…

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ST: Napoli, London, Milan – you’re strongly connected to these places. If you could pick any place in the world to live in, where would it be and why?
GC: Well I was born in Napoli, moved to London for 3 years when I was 18 and now I’m based in Milan so I would say between Milan and L.A.

ST: Where is your favorite place in the world to have your morning coffee?

GC: At my parents home in Napoli, I call it coffee with a view. What a view and what an espresso trust me…

ST: What’s your favorite dish to cook? Any secret ingredients? ☺
GC: I really love to cook but most important thing I really love to eat 🙂
I like to experiment and change every time , taking traditional dishes and revisiting them, so I don’t have any favorite dish to cook.

For example last week I invited a friend of mine to lunch in my house and I made a sea bream tartare with the base of tarallo and almonds, pistachio, burrata and lime, so I can say this one for the moment because it was delicious.

ST: What are some must-see places when traveling to Milan?

GC: Milan during spring summer is amazing, so I would rent a bike, go to Brera and have a Gelato in Colonne di San Lorenzo, see some vintage shops, waiting for the sunset for an amazing aperitivo, in this case at Navigli with my Negroni cocktail or a beer 🙂

Giotto Calendoli / Talks by Silviu Tolu

ST: What are your plans for the future?
GC: I wish to know, but I’m sorry I don’t even know what day it is today…  🙂

I’m kidding, the only thing that I would love to be in my future is to be a dad, a good dad!

ST: And lastly, is there anything you’d like to promote on this page? It can be an idea or a quote, or anything at all you’d like to share with the readers?


Thank you so much for taking the time and for being so responsive, Giotto!

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