If you live in a big city, like New York, or London, or Tokyo, or pretty much any European capital, especially in your younger years, when you just got out of University and got your first job and you’re making your way up the social ladder, you might need to find yourself a studio to live in. Also called a bachelor flat, consisting of a living room (which is also a bedroom), a bathroom and a kitchen only, a studio can be a good chance to show your designing skills, but beware, it can also be a total fiasco.
Here is an amazing one in Stockholm:
As you can see, even though there are only three small windows, the lighting is great. The trick is to use a lot of white, as white reflects a lot of light.
Don’t be afraid of plants. They show you are an organised person with responsibilities and next to the white walls, they create an impression of cleanliness. Also I think the chair can be a comfortable reading nook and it looks just right there.
There is not much of a kitchen in the apartment, and this is basically the only counter you have. But who eats at home nowadays anyway? It is enough to make a light breakfast before going to work. And another reason to go out to brunch with friends on weekend days.
This is the entrance door, a very petite desk and the dressing room next to the window. Bear in mind that this is one of the smallest studios but the way it’s decorated makes it a perfect living space for a single adult in his/her twenties. It is true, it would be difficult to have a party over at your house, but don’t forget, this is only the beginning. It is up to you how quickly you’ll decorate a bigger apartment. Take it as an aesthetic exercise.

Photos found here – but I think it’s sold already, in case you wanted to buy it :).