Mr Lalle Johnson is a stylist and a men’s fashion consultant based in Stockholm. He started out as a model in the fashion industry quite a while ago and then switched to styling and I think he still does both very successfully. He is the founder of Mr. Johnson’s Wardrobe, a hand crafted menswear brand based in Stockholm and produced in Napoli, whose philosophy combines “Swedish meticulousness with Italian effortlessness”.

If you’re into men’s fashion and sartorial workmanship, chances are you’ve stumbled across one of his photos on the Internet.

Mr. Lalle Johnson: “I’m very happy were I am right now and I’m living my dream.”

Lalle Johnson on Talks by Silviu Tolu
Mr Lalle Johnson photographed by Kalle Gustafsson for Gabucci FW2015

ST: Hello, sir and thank you for taking the time to write for Conversations with menswear icons! What does a regular day look like for Mr. Lalle Johnson?

LJ: I don´t seem to have regular days, every day is different depending on what project I’m working with.

ST: Can you give us some background info like how did you get started and if this is something you’ve always dreamed of doing?

LJ: I started modeling in late 70s and the went into styling in the beginning of the 80s. Since 2000, Ive been consulting in menswear, in products, shape and taste. I’m very happy were I am right now and I’m living my dream.

ST: What does being successful mean to you?

LJ: Loving what you`re doing, 100%!!

Mr Lalle Johnson on Talks by Silviu Tolu
Mr Johnson photographed by Mr Bill Gentle for Mr Porter

ST: How would you describe your style?

LJ: Tailored, soft and toned down, in colors.

ST: You look very dapper in all your photos. What is the most relaxed, casual outfit you would wear on any given day?

LJ: The way I answered the last question, adding a pair of sneakers;)

ST: Do you have any daily habits or rituals that help you being productive and/or creative?

LJ: No, not really, except starting the day with coffee!!

ST: Any tips or advice on how can someone develop a cool personal style?

LJ: Dress your age, and don’t overdo it….!

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ST: You’re going to a friend’s birthday party. What are you bringing as a gift?

LJ: A great bottle of wine, preferably red!

ST: What is a clothing item that every man should own?

LJ: Two pairs of English brogues, a black pair and a brown pair, most men seems to forget their shoes and to take care of them!!

ST: Who is the first person you think when you say Iconic?

Rubi Rubirosa.

Find out more on Profirio Rubirosa from this great story written by Ed Cripps for The Rake.

ST: Favorite watch?

LJ: Rolex.

ST: What is acceptable for men in terms of accessories?

LJ: A watch and a hankie.

ST: Car or motorcycle? The ideal model?

LJ: Car Jaguar E type.

ST: Your favorite clothing item?

LJ: Jackets.

ST: What’s your go-to cocktail?

LJ: Dry Martiny and very dry!

Mr Lalle Johnson on Talks by Silviu Tolu
Mr Johnson’s picks for the Talks Moodboard

ST: Who is your female inspiration?

My wife and Copenhagen girls.

ST: If you would be stranded on an island and you could pick one book (fiction or non-fiction), one music album and one personal item, what would these be?

LJ: Ken Follet’s ‘Winter of the worlds’, Stan Getz – ‘Velvet and strings’ and a knife.

ST: I would like to ask you, if I may, why haven’t you relocated in another city, like Milan, London or New York, where there’s a bigger market and supposedly a higher demand for menswear?

LJ: 30 years ago, maybe, but then I started a family. Nowadays, everything is around the corner and I travel constantly.

I just love my Stockholm, I guess;)

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ST: For someone visiting Stockholm: what is the best place for coffee, the best bar and the best restaurant for dinner over there?

LJ: I would say look it up before you leave , because it changes every month and I need to write for 20 minutes to get it down for you, hehe!

ST: What are your plans for the future?

LJ: To learn more, every day!!

ST: And lastly, is there anything you’d like to promote on this page? It can be an idea or a quote, or anything at all you’d like to share with the readers?


Patience is a very rare thing today, unfortunately. We all need it, more than ever!


Thank you, Mr Lalle Johnson! And thank you, Bernard Fouquet for making this talk possible! 🙂

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