While we are still on “house arrest”, we thought of giving you some style inspiration from the world’s greatest Icons (#IconsAtHome)

And who to consider first than “the screen’s most forceful new personality”, as he is described in the trailer of “A Streetcar Named Desire”, Mr. Marlon Brando himself?

Marlon Brando What to wear at home 
Silviu Tolu

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In the words of Mr Brando, “If there’s anything unsettling to the stomach, it’s watching actors on television talk about their personal lives.” So I am going to keep private affairs private in this article.

Then hy exactly am I writing this for?

Well, quite simply, the article was thought out as visual inspiration to what to wear when you are at home, working or engaged in family activities/intimate me-time moments (such as reading or writing), a guide on how to stay stylish even in bleak times.


There is no doubt that your kids and your pets (if there are any) are going to be the happiest with this situation – not sure about your significant other, especially after a week or two, but that’s not in question here. If you have a longing for summer days, you might want to pick a bowling shirt with a camp collar like the one below, a pair of white jeans or linen/cotton trousers and some espadrilles or leather slippers, and you’ve got comfort written all over your forehead. It doesn’t make a bad video conference look either.

Marlon Brando Guide To what to wear at Home by Silviu Tolu /silviutolu.com
Photo by Murray Garrett/ Getty Images

This is a good opportunity to re-think your coffee-making routine, or at least to take it more seriously.

French press is a good choice but if the recent events made you miss Italy (even more), you can also opt for Moka.

As we are just “watching winter turn to spring” and the weather is still moody, cashmere sweater and pleated trousers might be what you’re looking for. Tucking the sweater in is an optional style preference, and if you’re in advertising in New York, this look will go a long way – even when working remotely. Having a Dachshund is an extra that will get you a bunch of avid supporters.

Marlon Brando Guide To what to wear at Home by Silviu Tolu /silviutolu.com
Photos by Ed Clark/ The LIFE Picture Collection via Getty Images

For pretty much the same climatic reasons mentioned above, we encourage you to not give up your favorite roll-neck yet – it will leave you one jacket away from being dressed up and with its sober sportiness it will leave some room (no pun intended) to play.

These days it’s as good a time as any to bring out the heavy artillery and put on your favorite jewelry.

Marlon Brando - what to wear at home by Silviu Tolu
Photo by Margaret Bourke White/ The LIFE Picture Collection via Getty Images

Go on and drink from your favorite glasses, use your Dupont lighter and your best pen to scribble down notes during calls. Elegance is in the details and being home should not represent an obstacle, moreover, it should be precisely the reason while you’re ‘treating yourself’.

Keeping time is not as important, but we still think you should wear the timepiece you like most.

You’ll find a great selection of items on The Rake, as picture below.

Marlon Brando Guide - Silviu Tolu / therake.com

Such a visual exploration of #IconsAtHome wouldn’t be complete without an example of (semi) formalwear and our recommendation is to dress up for aperitivo and dinner on a ‘date night’ with your better half. Do the cooking earlier that day and bring out a bottle of wine you’ve been saving for a ‘special occasion’. Later in the night you can loosen up by removing the tie, but I’m pretty sure you’ve still got the moves.

I know that you know, but grooming is as important as ever and… well, if you happen to have an Academy Award around (and we’re not talking souvenirs), I am sure it will cheer you up!

I would like to finish pretty much the same way I started, with a quote belonging to the Icon I’ve taken inspiration from today: “If we are not our brother’s keeper, at least let us not be his executioner.”

I therefore conclude: stay home. For you, for your dear ones, for everyone else. Salute!


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A WFH Guide was artfully written by Christian Barker just a few days back on The Rake – you should consider taking an extra five minutes to read it because it’s full of witty allusions to how to maintain a certain level of productivity and make the most out of this experience.

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