As I was wandering on the streets in Brooklyn the other day I remembered that the Mast Brothers Chocolate Factory is in the neighborhood and I decided to stop by and check their stuff out, mainly because I think they have the coolest product packaging on the market.
Rick and Michael Mast are from Iowa, but they blend perfectly in the Williamsburg landscape, where they started making chocolate in 2007.

The store is designed and curated by the brothers themselves. It’s very welcoming and representative for the brand.
mast brothers chocolate by Silviu Tolu

mast brothers chocolate by silviu tolu @
As soon as you get in someone asks you if it’s the first time visiting the factory and then they are offering you an insightful look into the company’s existance and chocolate making process.
They are using cocoa beans from trees grown on small family farms, roasting them differently depending on the beans origin and grinding them slowly using a stone, after a Maya tradition.

mast brothers chocolate by Silviu Tolu
I could only find out that they are using an in-house graphic designer and his name is Nate. I think he does a great job.


The company is supporting the creative spirits and so they are encouraging you to enter The Sketchbook project and design your own wrapper, post it online and check out what others have created.

They are also selling cupcakes and “bonbons” on their location in Williamsburg and trust me, they are amazing. Especially the Salted Caramel ones. The display is also great.

The bars are rather pricy, with $8 for one, but considering the quality of the ingredients and the beautiful craftsmanship it is totally worth buying them.

No wonder Mast Brothers is Jared Leto’s favorite chocolate.


So give it a try but beware: chocolate is addictve. Enjoy responsibly!