“Strolling in the park

Watching winter turn to spring…”

It feels like finally the weather is giving us a chance to spend a little bit more time outside and today I embraced this opportunity to go get a good cup a joe and to give spring a fist bump.

Monday Blues OOTD by Silviu Tolu

The outfit is pretty laid-back with a pair of anthracite grey skinny jeans, a Levi’s t-shirt and shirt and my Eleven Paris bomber jacket on top. And I was really excited to wear my Suede Chelsea Boots after a long time. The caffeine was provided by Steam Coffee Shop.

Monday Blues OOTD by Silviu Tolu

And yes, as you’ve probably noticed, I am now officially wearing a man bun (But who knows for how long?).

So let’s get outdoors and enjoy the sun… shall we?