As much as I like winter, snow and cold weather, it’s now March – so summer thoughts have crossed my mind recently.
I have a vivid picture of what my getaway would look like if it was June and a timid sun would caress our lives. It involves the south of France: not the popular, touristic spot that we know nowadays but the quiet, virgin land described in Fitzgerald’s Tender is the night.

Certainly , I would be close friends with a couple like Dick and Nicole Diver and we would take turns organizing copious soirees at our beach houses.
I would wake up early in the morning and make coffee using an old espresso machine and then drink it with a drop of milk in petit cups.

We would have breakfast on the boat after we swam in the cool, tranquil water of the Mediterranean Sea.

I’d write postcards to my best friends and tell them to come visit me right away.

For lunch, we would go to rustic picnics and have long conversations about the quality of French and Italian wines.

In the evening, I would wear a comfortable knitted shirt like this and I’d always postpone my work for the next day.

I would surround myself with gentle and interesting people and live this bucolic life fully and untroubled. I would laugh a lot and I would greedily inhale the fresh air, immersing in this simple lifestyle. I’d let my hair and beard grow, I’d wear soft, light garments and I would re-read The sun also rises. And I would keep on dreaming. Just like I do now.

But even though New York City is dreary these days, it’s still NYC. So there are plenty of things to do, despite the cold weather.