After teasing us with a warm and bright weekend, the weather almighty has chosen to go back to dull, snowy days. Which are not that boring after all (at least in my opinion).
That doesn’t mean I don’t want to book a ticket to Miami anymore. But I’ll rain check that for March maybe.
Instead of thinking of South Beach and rum based cocktails, I decided to let my thoughts wander among the peaks in the French Alps and I set my destination to… Courchevel, France.


Situated in the world’s biggest skiing area, the Three Valleys, Courchevel is precisely the place where you want to spend your perfect winter holiday.


Book a cozy room at one of the many luxurious Chalets in the area. Most of them look like this:



When you’re tired of cuddling and reading next to the fireplace, go take a swim.


Definitely spend a lot of time on the slopes. Courchevel is renowned for its excellent lift system which is “virtually queue free, even at the busiest of times”.


And when you think you had enough, stop by one of the bars on the resort.


If it’s a Saturday, take your friends out for brunch and drink as many Mimosas as you can, but don’t go skiing after that. Enjoy the live music.


As a matter of fact, if you have a Black Amex, you could actually get on the first plane and do exactly what I’ve just imagined. Otherwise, make the best out of your last days of winter, whether you’re at the mountains, whether you’re in a grey, boring city – go out with your friends and have a toast for the upcoming sunny days of spring.


And don’t forget to buy flowers to all your girl-friends on March 1st.