Everyone is back from holidays but you don’t have to adopt the formal attire so quickly. Play a little. Wear a hat and a t-shirt with your striped suit. Don’t shave. Roll up your sleeves. Navy and grey go well together so it’s not difficult to combine them. Try to feel comfortable in what you’re wearing. Take it easy. It’s almost weekend.

Same guy, another outfit

If you want to get creative this Friday, but still feel comfortable and look good, here is a suggestion worth considering: throw on a light blue shirt and a pair of overalls. The cream and green one here is really cool and the colors combine nicely. I wouldn’t say no to jeans overalls either in a combination with a white shirt and brown shoes. It will give you an artistic air and a je-m’en-fichisme that can keep the bad vibes away. After all, you want to start the weekend in a good mood.