It’s been a while since a last posted an outfit of the day photo and the comeback comes with a question: Is it OK to wear a blazer or even a suit jacket with cargo pants?

My answer: YES.

Cargo pants are all about utility and will set your dress code as less formal, but if you feel good in them and you pick the right jacket+tie combo and shoes, you are definitely going to turn some heads.

Like Mr Alessio Piastrelli for instance.

Alessio Piastrelli outfit of the day
Mr Alessio Piastrelli, photographed by Dan Roberts for GQ

Or like this unknown gentleman.

outfit of the day cargo pants

It’s all about attitude. If you’re gonna wear it, wear it proudly. As far as I’m concerned, this works quite finely.

What do you think of this outfit of the day?

Oh, and this is my on my first day back at school:

Until next time, stay stylish, folks!

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