Sadly, there aren’t many things to find out about Răzvan Mercan when searching the web. He’s a young entrepreneur who chose to start a business in Romania instead of accepting a high paid job in Sweden.

Luckily, I’ve come to know him a while ago through a mutual friend and there are many other good things that can be said about him apart from the one mentioned above. He is the co-founder of Monocult Clothing, a men’s fashion brand based in Bucharest, Romania. To my knowledge, Monocult is the only menswear company (or one of the very few) in Bucharest where the modern gentleman as we call it here at can dress up for the New Year’s Eve party as well as for a casual coffee date on the weekend. The production is 100% Romanian and I’ve seen some very cool and must-have basic items in their collections but also some with a very bold approach (and that is probably Omar Albitar, the in-house designer’s touch).

Răzvan Mercan from Monocult Clothing / Talks by Silviu Tolu

More than anything, Răzvan Mercan is a badass guy with a genuine sense of coolness and always ready to share a good joke, a cool story or some wise words.

ST: “The fixer” at Monocult Clothing – as stated in your Instagram description… Tell us a little bit about what you do more exactly.

RM: Well, I consider that my main role within the team is to support everyone, to connect the dots, to solve any problem we might encounter and to make things happen. So I see myself as a bridge between members of the team, suppliers, stakeholders and so on… I mean, my colleagues know best what we should do and I find a way to do it.

Răzvan Mercan / Talks by Silviu Tolu
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ST: Can you give us some background info like how did you get started and if this is something you’ve always dreamed of doing? How did the “cooligans” concept come to you?

RM: Eh, getting started was kind of easy. I was in a sabbatical mode for about an year or so after quitting a corporate job. Met some people and they brought the topic to my attention. Topic meaning clothing, or menswear, or fashion, or however you want to call it. First I wasn’t really into it. I think I’ve always been interested in style, but not to the extent to start a business in fashion. But what do you know, I was doing nothing at that time so any challenge was more than welcomed. It took a few months to build up a concept and to roll the dice. And I love it.

Cooligans… Cooligans are those guys who just popped up as a name/terminology during a brainstorming with the team. Hhahahaha. That means we had some meetings and tried to describe what kind of guys would wear our clothes. So, if you are nice, educated and sometimes (always) you bend the rules in a cool manner, you’re a Cooligan.

ST: What does being successful mean to Răzvan Mercan?

RM: I think we are to experience everything in life. No one is spared or excused. Sooner or later we will go through every type of situation or feeling existing in the American cinematography. Then I guess success is on a very short term and in our heads it mainly means “the other side”. For instance, if your business is growing and you’re happy but you are very very busy, success would mean having some time off. What I am saying is that it’s the small things you get at the right time. And don’t forget, success has to do with you and not with the others and how they see or talk about you.

ST: How would you describe your style?

RM: My style? To be decided. I will always go for something simple with a twist. Besides that I don’t really know what to answer. I am still experiencing and it will take a while.

Răzvan Mercan from Monocult / Talks by Silviu Tolu

ST: You are at Monocult’s new collection launch party. What are you wearing?

RM: A blue double-breasted suit, withe t-shirt. I will have to think about the shoes, haven’t decided yet. Or maybe I’ll just keep the blazer and put some shirt and jeans. We’ll see. Anyway, I haven’t decided upon the shoes.

ST: Do you have any daily habits or rituals that help you being productive and/or creative?

RM: What I really need is that someone tells me what to do. Therefore, we are having a start of the day meeting and we go through the “to do” list and tasks and refresh our memory and prioritize. Every day. Oh, and sometimes when I have to take a quick decision and maybe I am little tired but need to be up and running, I do the dishes at the shop, or vacuum-clean. Except that, no other bad habits.

ST: Any tips or advice on how can someone develop a cool personal style?

RM: Actually yes. Try everything, experiment new things, test, make mistakes. It’s the only way to evolve and discover who you are.

ST: You’re going to a friend’s birthday party. What are you bringing as a gift?

RM: Something I know he thought of having but he doesn’t really dare. Like a dog maybe.

ST: Răzvan, what is a clothing item that every man should own?

RM: A cool blazer and white shirts.

Răzvan Mercan from Monocult / Talks by Silviu Tolu

ST: Who is the first person you think when you say Iconic?

RM: Richard Branson meets Marlyn Manson. I know, I know… but I can’t help it. Oh, also Jared Leto crossed my mind.

ST: Favorite watch?

RM: Vintage Omega (50’-60’).

ST: Car or motorcycle? The ideal model?

RM: Car and scouter. German powerful family car (estate/touring) and little Italian fashion scouter. I repeat, both.

ST: Your favorite clothing item?

RM: It’s the leather jacket.

ST: What’s your go-to cocktail?

RM: The Moscow mule.

ST: Who is Răzvan Mercan’s female inspiration?

RM: Impossible to point. I get my little shares of inspiration from almost all the women I meet.

ST: If you would be stranded on an island and you could pick one book (fiction or non-fiction), one music album and one personal item, what would these be?

RM: Conversations with God – Neale Donald Walsch

Queen – Greatest Hits

No personal item.

ST: If it could pick any place in the world to live in (and maybe take your business with you), where would it be?

RM: My answer for now is my hometown. Bucharest. Ask me again in 7-8 years.

ST: What’s your favorite place in the world to have coffee?

RM: As long as I’m on vacation, it’s anywhere. If not on vacation, I would go for any little street in Rome.

ST: What are your plans for the future?

RM: To travel more would be number 1 on my list. Not planning to be the richest in the graveyard, that’s for sure.

ST: And lastly, is there anything you’d like to promote on this page? It can be an idea or a quote, or anything at all you’d like to share with the readers?


You are a free man.

And don’t forget to #escapemajority.

Thank you Răzvan, I appreciate you taking the time!

Răzvan Mercan / Talks by Silviu Tolu

Răzvan Mercan / talks by Silviu Tolu

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