Monday Blues – Outfit of the day

“Strolling in the park

Watching winter turn to spring…”

It feels like finally the weather is giving us a chance to spend a little bit more time outside and today I embraced this opportunity to go get a good cup a joe and to give spring a fist bump.

Monday Blues OOTD by Silviu Tolu

The outfit is pretty laid-back with a pair of anthracite grey skinny jeans, a Levi’s t-shirt and shirt and my Eleven Paris bomber jacket on top. And I was really excited to wear my Suede Chelsea Boots after a long time. The caffeine was provided by Steam Coffee Shop.

Monday Blues OOTD by Silviu Tolu

And yes, as you’ve probably noticed, I am now officially wearing a man bun (But who knows for how long?).

So let’s get outdoors and enjoy the sun… shall we?


My new editorial in Cosmopolitan MAN

I am very excited about this new editorial that just came out in this month’s issue of Cosmopolitan MAN, primarily because I got to work with my very good and very talented friend Tibi Clenci and with my favorite Allure team yet again.

cosmo man silviu tolu

The editorial is called Into the Blues and it offers – styling wise – a super cool approach on Denim for this season, Amir Doboș being responsible for that.

I love wearing denim,  the denim shirt is one of my favorite styling items and I find it fairly easy to combine different fabrics, colors and patterns with denim.

As you can see from the smiley photographs we had a lot of fun shooting this, and I hope you enjoy the photos as much as we enjoyed taking them.

And of course, you can find more shots in the magazine.

Cosmopolitan MAN Silviu Tolu

Cosmo Man Silviu Tolu

Cosmo MAN Silviu Tolu

MUA: Jenny Matea

Hair: Ales Sârghe

Production: Allure Production


Let’s enjoy the last days of fall

The weather is getting colder and colder as we’re approaching the end of November and I kinda like it. Not only it’s a chance to layer up clothing wise, but with the days getting shorter it feels like there’s more time for personal affairs like reading, catching up on a TV show, or cooking your favorite meal.

And when it’s not super dark or raining, I get to take a few photos outside. Like these ones.

ootd fall

For this outfit I chose a pair of green cargo pants from Marks & Spencer, a white henley from J. Crew, my favorite bomber jacket from Eleven Paris and a pair of brown suede chukka boots. Of course, my bandana as an accessory as well as my pair of Dom Vetro glasses. Oh, and my very special watch. Always.

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ootd bomber laugh

ootd enjoy

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Have a great weekend… even though it’s only Thursday! 🙂 🙂


A sunny Sunday walk

When it’s really nice outside on a weekend I try not to miss the opportunity of spending time outdoors, whether I’m taking a walk or go for a run, it doesn’t really matter as long as I can breathe some fresh air.

Last Sunday was exactly what I was looking for at the end of the week. I took a stroll with my girlfriend to our favorite coffee shop in Bucharest, Origo (which I covered here) and then walked around a little bit more in the Old City Center.

sunday stroll ootd

Because the forecast was favorable, I happily picked a pair of white jeans, not knowing when I am going to be able to wear them next because the weather has been funny lately.

I chose to wear my Converse Low Tops and a sweater that I love from GANT.

On top of that I wore my leather jacket, another item that I am also very fond of. And of course, I accessorized the outfit with my navy bandana, which has sort of became my trademark in the past year or so.

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Have a great week and let’s hope for more days like this before the winter comes!

My latte from Origo
My latte from Origo Coffee Shop
...and the pretty streets in the Old City Centre
…and the pretty streets in the Old City Center
Trying to keep up with the pigeon
Trying to keep up with the pigeon



Navy chinos, white tee and a super cool suede bomber jacket… Only if you wanted to rock this Tuesday night.



A light safari jacket, white pants and denim shirt, accessorized with a vintage doctor’s bag and a pair of badass glasses – that’s what you should wear today. And go get a fancy cocktail after work. As for ladies, it may be a little too early for sandals, but apart from that the outfits are on point. I find their bold and manly (the blonde’s) approach very attractive.


I really really like the checked overcoat and the combination of colors. You could also use another fabric for the pants, just for the sake of diversity. Great for a cold spring day.



Elegant enough (the top), casual enough (the bottom). The best compromise for a day at the office and dinner with your friends right after. Very nice colors and great layering.



One great thing about Pitti Uomo is that you see a lot of diversity in outfits and that can be very inspirational. Like these four gentleman. I like the way the first one from the left is juxtaposing the brown of the tie and the navy of the suit. The second one seems to be very good at mixing the patterns (it’s not easy to create such a good consistency as his). The third one is very brave chromatically, wearing a bordeaux-red hat with a dark green suit, a blue shirt, a light brown checked vest and a patterned tie. The fourth one is the most neutral of the group, but very elegant nevertheless. I would have picked a more colorful tie.



Two great fashion icons, Mr Alessandro Squarzi, of Fortela and Mr Ouigi Theodore of The Brooklyn Circus, rocking two varsity jackets, each in his own unique, authentic style. I like better the light brown and bordeaux red combination, but maybe only because it’s lighter and more visible. On the other hand, the grey pants look terrific. A great inspiration these two gentlemen.



The man in this photo is Umberto Angeloni, resident and CEO of Italian menswear manufacturer Caruso. He was also CEO and co-owner of Brioni from 1990 to 2007.

He knows what’s up. And you can tell that from the way he dresses. The combination of colors is perfect, a dark navy for the bottom and lighter, warmer colors for the top. I really like the way the chocolate brown tie stands out on the white shirt and the patterned jacket is covered subtly by the sandy coat. His leather bag displays elegance and self-confidence. The kind of man you want to do business with.

It is a bit of an older look, but it’s great nonetheless.

Have an awesome week!



Top 6 Hottest Sneakers for Spring

1) Common Projects – Achilles Low Tops

I think they deserve the first position in this top. The most classic and versatile piece, they have been hot for a couple of years now, their white lows being the most popular pair. Love the new colors.


2) Acne Studios – Adrian Black

These are so cool I would wear them with a suit. To me, this is the perfect sneaker shape. You can also find them in other interesting color combinations.


3) CQP – Tarmac Dune

CQP is a Stockholm based company, currently selling two sneaker models and focuses on design (as you can tell), quality and craftsmanship.


4) Saturdays Surf NYC – Jay Suede Shoe

Minimalistic design. A higher sole. Looking like the upscale version of the Vans (though priced similarly). Love the dark olive color.


5) ETQ Amsterdam – Low Top White Crocodile look

Founded in 2010, ETQ  is driven to create aesthetic yet functional, enduring footwear saying that their design is generated under three standard rules: elegant, timeless, quality.


6) Buttero – Suede Tanino Low Sneakers

Made somewhere in Tuscany, Italy, they seem perfect for a stroll in your favorite Italian village. I find them really cool too. They also have leather shoe laces. Buttero also caries a bunch of great riding boots.



I really dig this outfit. The shearling jacket, the denim, the bandana, the hat, the worn out corduroys. It looks badass. If there is anything I would change, it would be the gloves, I would wear leather ones, especially because he is riding a motorcycle or a moped (he is also operating the camera so maybe that is why he is using the fingerless gloves) and the shoes. I think that a pair of Dr Martens (the regular or the brogues – see below) and a cool pair of socks would have been the right final touch.




It is very important to notice that these outfits, if you took the coats off, would still be classy, but they would also be common, office looks. The double breasted navy pinstripe suit is very nice by itself, but it is beautifully completed by the light grey DB coat. The checked one also improves the outfit considerably since the suit is plain and it would be rather dull without it. I also love the large lapels.



Captured between shows, my buddy Richard Biedul is absolutely rocking this double-breasted suit. Chromatically, I like the combination of the beige sweater, the grey suit and the brown wingtips. The black accessories – the weekend leather bag, the beanie and the sunglasses match nicely with the rest of the outfit. The cigarette looks cool, but I daresay he would still be badass without it.



I think a Belstaff Roadmaster Jacket is exactly what you need for this kind of weather. It is iconic and versatile. And it simply looks manly. The turtlenecks and the knitted sweaters look great (the orange one is amazing) together with the leather pants and woolen socks. And of course, the boots. You can wear them on rain or snow, riding a motorcycle or driving a truck. So inspiring.


Because it’s sunny and warm today (in New York City at least), wear those white jeans. The contrast with the brown double breasted blazer is great and you will look casual yet stylish enough when you ride on your Vespa. Pick your favorite pair of sunglasses and play with the top. A navy sweater will very well do. I like the shoes but you can also wear your double monks or a pair of brogues.


Take it easy today. Boots, jeans, a white shirt and a turtleneck over it sounds about right. It’s alright to loosen up a little bit. Bring a coat or a waxed jacket in case it starts raining.



Wednesday, October – the right weather to wear a denim shirt with a knitted tie, a khaki bomber jacket, navy chinos and double monk strap shoes. Perfectly balanced colors and the right fit and you’ll be the best dressed guy on the streets today.

All Massimo Dutti.

Friday. A great day to read the newspaper, make strong coffee, dust off one of your hats, wear a turtleneck and a brown plaid suit and get stuff done. Oh, and also to smile. The weekend is here.

Today is easy. It’s raining so throw on a coat to prevent spending your day in soaking wet clothes. This one is made by Mackintosh for Epaulet and it has a very elegant silhouette. Play with the outfit, put a hat on, try different shirts and ties, wear your favorite pair of brogues or double monk strap shoes. If it’s too warm for a blazer, leave it at home. You’re making a statement anyway.

If you woke up late and you are in a hurry, grab those leather gloves and take your bike or your Vespa out for a ride. You can still wear a beige suit (it’s sunny and warm out) with wide lapels and brown loafers or a pair of double monk strap shoes. The tie can be green, as pictured here, or navy or orange but make sure you pick the right pocket square with it. Don’t forget your sunglasses and your helmet.

Everyone is back from holidays but you don’t have to adopt the formal attire so quickly. Play a little. Wear a hat and a t-shirt with your striped suit. Don’t shave. Roll up your sleeves. Navy and grey go well together so it’s not difficult to combine them. Try to feel comfortable in what you’re wearing. Take it easy. It’s almost weekend.

If you want to get creative this Friday, but still feel comfortable and look good, here is a suggestion worth considering: throw on a light blue shirt and a pair of overalls. The cream and green one here is really cool and the colors combine nicely. I wouldn’t say no to jeans overalls either in a combination with a white shirt and brown shoes. It will give you an artistic air and a je-m’en-fichisme that can keep the bad vibes away. After all, you want to start the weekend in a good mood.

The first days of September are still hot, so this may be an appropriate outfit for a warm Wednesday. I really like the light navy T-shirt, the suede loafers and the cream cotton trousers. The accessories look great as well: the straw hat and the leather satchel. I would’ve picked a pair of shades with a more vintage look. But nevertheless, it all makes me think of Dickie Greenleaf and Tom Ripley and summer in an Italian village.

A very nice combination of colors. The fabrics are light so you’ll be fine wearing this even on a hot day. I like how the dark brown double monk straps complete the outfit.

The last days of August call for a white blazer and a Panama hat. If you carry that bag with you it will look like you’re going on vacation – so why not take a few days off and enjoy the last days of summer by the beach? The rolled up jeans + loafers look great on this outfit. A good example of being creative when picking your attire.

Since the days are cooler, here is my suggestion for this Monday. A khaki suit with a double breasted jacket and a pair of dark brown loafers. The colors of the tie fit perfectly but you can pick a wider one and you can accessorize the whole outfit with a men’s clutch bag.

It’s Friday and it’s sweater weather. You have all the reasons in the world to be happy. Wear something colorful over your shirt and tie. The pants can be in navy as well. Feel comfortable. Breath deeply. Later on you’ll be enjoying the night with your friends.

Well, since it’s the first chilly day in ages, my suggestion is to pick a darker three piece suit because the temperature dropped significantly and who knows, it might rain later today. You don’t have to wear socks if you feel more comfortable and you can take your jacket off and/or wear it over your shoulder if it gets hotter. It’s still summer.

Do you have to run errands in the city on a not-so-hellish-hot summer day? Here you are, blue shirt, double breasted jacket in a light fabric, white pants (a must in a man’s wardrobe) cut a little above the ankle and brown double monk strap shoes. The right balance between formal and smart casual. Don’t forget a nice pair of sunglasses. Try Cutler and Gross for amazing pieces if you don’t own a great pair already.

It seems to me like today is the right day to wear a white polo. It’s hot and you want to be comfortable thinking about the weekend. Tuck it in and take your jacket with you in case you want to be more formal for meetings. Wear simple accessories like a watch (I would even pick the one with the metal bracelet).
It’s obviously much easier when you have her by your side.


Grab a coffee to-go, jump on that bike and get yourself to the office. It’s all right if you wear sneakers and dark jeans/chinos with that double-breasted jacket. It’s Friday… feel comfortable.



Since it’s pretty chilly out, you can still pull of that blazer in a heavier fabric. The pleated pants and the long tie add a sort of classical charm to the look and I really like that.


A little more relaxed outfit, but still elegant and sharp. Try a khaki suit this Wednesday and mix it with a cool striped shirt and a darker tie. The sunglasses are not bad, but I would have picked a thinner frame. Garrett Leight has an amazing selection of eyewear.



Amazing layering, great combination of colors and fabrics, cool shades and a nice hat.

Happy Tuesday!


An umbrella is an elegant accessory – you only have to take it with you if it’s raining, of course, or if you live in London.

I also like the double breasted suit and Mr Gandy’s glasses.


It’s Friday and it’s beautiful out so why don’t you take your bike for a ride?

A photo of an incredibly stylish man – an umbrella maker – from Naples. A great outfit for May. I love the suede elbow patches, the contrasting striped shirt, the loafers and the carefully chosen socks. It is true that his awesome beard adds up to the entire outfit but you’ll do great without it as well.



A brown double breasted suit is a perfect choice for a Thursday in May. The tie and the pocket square are well chosen. You can also try a light blue shirt instead of the pale pink. I would’ve picked another watch though.




Add some coolness to this bright Tuesday!
Knock! Knock! Spring’s here.
I love the shades: they look like they are the Gregory Pecks from Oliver Peoples. The wool hat is great and everything looks good together. Laid-back and nonchalant.

We can take Domenico Gianfrate’s example of how to dress on a sunny spring day. Amazing combination of the three-piece pinstripe suit in navy blue with a checked shirt in the same color, a black knitted silk tie, the darker navy coat and black loafers. And of course, take note of his nonchalant attitude.

It smells like spring. And adventure.
Go away for the weekend. Relax. Breath. Take it easy. Fool around in the woods.

Yes, you can go for jeans and this blazer. The tie looks great on the white shirt.

This Monday’s OOTD goes to… Nick Wooster.
Great layering. A lot of wool. Different patterns. Four types of grey, a blue shirt, a subtle pin on the lapel and an inconspicuous pocket square. And it all goes nicely together.

Sunday morning stories… you woke up at noon and you put on a comfortable sweater. You made strong coffee in the Italian espresso machine and now you’re thinking of how great your last night was and you’re a little sad because it ended too quickly.
No worries though. You should get ready for brunch.

It’s a bright day and it smells like spring.
Go for a walk. Sit on a bench in the park. Read the newspaper. Buy her flowers.
Enjoy this bright day.

It really depends on what you’re doing this Saturday.
Here are three options for different occasions.

1) Jeans, turtleneck and an uber cool pinstripe coat. A relaxed outfit but stylish enough if you’re having brunch at a fancy restaurant – my personal favorite

2) Cargo pants, checked shirt, sweater and a vest – if you’re going on a trip to the mountains. Play with the colors.

3) A two-piece suit if you’re looking for something more elegant. Make sure you don’t look too preppy – this is not a business meeting. Wear a cardigan to make it less formal and open a couple of the shirt’s buttons. Also, if you want an outfit for the night, pick a suit in a darker color.

Don’t forget to compliment her outfit whenever you get the chance.

How about loosen that tie and skate back home from work today?
It’s Friday. And tomorrow is Valentine’s Day so you’d better hurry and clean up your love nest.

It’s all right if you get tired of those white collar days from time to time. Wear a turtleneck in order to feel a little more casual but still sharp.
Here is a black one combined nicely with a grey patterned suit and a black elegant coat. The envelope bag blends in because it’s in a dark brown color.

It doesn’t take much to look cool.
Just throw on that white Henley, a pair of pinstripe wool trousers and an oversized lapel coat that fits you well and you’ll be the coolest gent at the office today.
Also, be careful with the facial hair grooming.

It’s Sunday and therefore, the last photo of the Aiden Shaw series.
This outfit is perfect for today: a white turtleneck in contrast with the black slim-fit trousers. I love the length of them too. A pair of beautiful black shoes, no socks and finally, the right junction between the top and the bottom, a sand Chevron peacoat.
“Easy like Sunday morning…”

It’s Saturday so you woke up late and you have to meet your friends for brunch. You don’t wanna show off – you just want to feel comfortable. You can pick a pair of grey wool trousers, the brogue boots again (told you they are a great item), a casual shirt underneath the vest and a simple, classic coat. The only item that you are playing with is the scarf. You can choose one with the pattern you like, but don’t go to crazy on the colors. A two-tone should do.
Enjoy it!

Looking good on that bar stool, getting ready for the weekend!
A more relaxed outfit for today, since it’s Friday: brown brogue boots, rolled up jeans and a very nice layering – a patterned wool jacket over a cashmere turtleneck over a white shirt which is not tucked in. The white pocket square adds on as a nice detail.
Careful with the bourbon!
Have a nice weekend!

Thursday would probably be the right day to embrace a sober-ish color for your outfit. It feels like it’s almost weekend but you still have the rest of the day and Friday until you can break loose.
Pick a pair of checked charcoal grey trousers that you can combine nicely with a pinstripe shirt, because the pattern on the pants is subtle enough. Put on a black coat which could be dull by itself if it wasn’t for the patterned scarf. And literally, the bottom line, choose a pair of black brogue boots which is, by the way, a valuable item in a man’s wardrobe.

As promised, here is Aiden Shaw again for your Wednesday look.
The grey pants go very well with the navy blazer. I love the layering: the vest to keep you warm, the cable-knit linen sweater for the right touch of brown and the houndstooth patterned scarf to make the outfit complete and distinctive. Oh, and I almost forget the pocket square, which is well chosen because it’s inconspicuous.

Starting today until the end of the week I’m going to feature one photo of Aiden Shaw per day on my Sartorial page. The photos were shot for the brand named Oscar Jacobson.

So, here it is, the attire I picked for Tuesday. Perfect for a day at the office, elegant top with warm fabrics (wool & cashmere probably) and a nice combination of patterns. The jeans tone down the stiffness of the outfit making it suitable for a laid-back gentleman.

Aiden Shaw has an interesting and – many would say – controversial past, but he is, nonetheless, one of the exponents of aging beautifully.

Have a good day!


Love the layering in a gray palette. Laid-back but still smart casual. Nice beige/brown detail of the back pack. The glasses add on to the outfit.

Bruce Pask is the Men’s Fashion Director at Bergdorf Goodman.