Hello and welcome back to the Silviu Tolu Podcast Show! It took me a while, cause, you know… life, but since I am back home and studying remotely I want to start having these conversations fort STPS again. I am extremely excited to have my first interview in English with Matthew Cross, the author, speaker and priority strategist that I’ve met maybe seven or eight years ago when I was living in New York City.

Because I’m doing these interviews on fast forward (as I am quite busy with my MBA), I will skip the introduction and I will be doing as little editing as possible.

We have a wonderful and uplifting conversation which I find perfect for the turbulent times we are living now.

“The point of power is in the present!”

Matthew is extremely good at making you feel better and has many great stories to share – I wish we could have spoken longer but I had to start the classes.

Matthew Cross on Silviu Tolu Podcast Show!

We’ve had this conversation remotely, which is a little strange because he is in Romania, where he as an apartment, or his Headquarters, as he calls it.

Check out his books and other resources discussed in this 23rd episode below.

Matthew’s Company: Leadership Alliance Website

TED Talks:

Matthew’s books:

The Little Book of Romanian Wisdom (co-author Diana Doroftei)

The Golden Ratio & Fibonacci Sequence

Nature’s Secret Nutrient

The Hoshin North Star Process

Matthew Cross and Wim Hof / silviutolu.com
Silviu Tolu Podcast Show
Matthew and Wim Hof, The Iceman

An interview he did in Revista Cariere (it’s translated into Romanian)

Matthew’s LinkedIn profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/matthew-k-cross-52217/

Other Silviu Tolu Podcast Show Episodes: https://silviutolu.com/category/podcast/

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Matthew Cross la Silviu Țolu Podcast Show

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Succesul e de partea celor muncitori!

And Sănătate maximus!, as Matthew wisely says.