Here’s whats on the menu for today’s style inspiration.

If you are familiar with fashion, you probably know who George Corina is. If not, it’s simple. Mr Cortina is a fashion stylist. A really good one.

Take, for example, his latest work in the most recent GQ Cover Story with Brad Pitt, photographed by Lachlan Bailey.

You can swipe around his IG page and you’ll get the point. But I didn’t write this post to brag about his *irrefutable* styling qualities… Actually it’s about his personal style which never failed to deliver in such a nonchalant and seemingly characteristic way.

I don’t even know where to start with showing some photos, really, the options are plenty and are all damn good.

Take, for instance, this look. Very elegant, even though it’s worn with a simple, white t-shirt. But again, the attitude is his best ally. Just own the look, feel good in what you are wearing and 80% of the job is done. A good pose also helps.

The power of a navy suit jacket….

Or these three: White pants, and it seems like Mr Cortina is wearing the same jacket (which makes me remember what the legend Mr G. Bruce Boyer was saying about menswear, something among these lines: “invest in something of quality, and have it/wear it forever”) with three different tops – a blue shirt, a white henley, a turtleneck.

Also, who came up with the *bad* idea that you should stop wearing white pants after Labor Day Weekend?

Mr George Cortina, photo credits unknown

Beige double breasted jacket, a bit wrinkly (because of the fabric probably) – which only adds up to the character of the whole outfit, white shirt, black tie, black pants, worn the Italian way, over the ankle. BADASS!

Sometimes, when it’s meltingly hot out, a simple white t-shirt will do. + a Mickey Rourke – esque attitude.

style icon - george cortina - ph: @thesartorialist
Photo by Mr Scott Schuman, @thesartorialist

Ok, here are two more and I’m out.

style inspiration with george cortina
The Elegant Mr Cortina
Brace for Winter

Thoughts, anyone?

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