There is a bonding that creates between people during weather events such as hurricanes or snowstorms. Obviously, because it doesn’t matter anymore if you live in a penthouse in the Upper East Side or in a one-bedroom in Bushwick or what type of car you’re driving. Everyone is the same in front of Mother Nature.

On December 26, 1947, in New York, there was this.


Can you imagine waking up the second day of Christmas to this much snow? It looks like heaven to me!

I remember that as a child I was watching the news in the winter and they were showing different states in the US after heavy snowfall and this is exactly what it looked like:


Everyone moves slower and it’s gonna be late for work, reading the newspaper and drinking your coffee seems better done on a weather like this and the kids are the happiest.

And of course, what better opportunity to be courteous and to give a kiss on a bench full of snow during your regular Sunday walk in the park?