So there is this dog next door barking at 8 am every single morning. It’s like an alarm but you can’t hit the snooze button, not to mention that I didn’t want to wake up that early in the first place. Somehow though I fell back asleep and it was so warm and comfortable that I couldn’t get up until 11.
Unlike yesterday, which was rainy and gloomy, today is dry and sunny. Temperature is in the lower 30s, so it’s basically freezing cold. When I walked out on the balcony and I sniffed the winter air I imagined how the perfect today would look like.
I would make coffee in a french press and drink endless cups throughout the day.

the smell of winter in november by Silviu Tolu
It would be the right day to make sunny side up eggs with bacon and roasted potatoes. Toast, butter and jam on the side.


I would wear a cozy knitted turtleneck to go out to the corner store and buy groceries for dinner.

I’d make a list of presents that I want to get for my friends and family for Christmas and I would spend too much time online scrolling through items. Obviously, I wouldn’t make up my mind so I’d have to postpone the activity for another day.
I would meet up randomly with a bunch of friends and after lunch we would go ice skating in Central Park and drink hot apple cider to warm up.

the smell of winter in november by silviu tolu
And then we’d go the movies and pick up one that none of us has seen, like Birdman.
I would go home tired but happy and I would stay up until 2 am reading short stories by E.A. Poe. I’d easily fall into a deep sleep and dream about skiing in the Alps with my friends from home.

Oh, I am so ready for December. But before that, Thanksgiving.