1) Common Projects – Achilles Low Tops

I think they deserve the first position in this top. The most classic and versatile piece, they have been hot for a couple of years now, their white lows being the most popular pair. Love the new colors.

commonproject_lowachilles sneakers by Silviu Tolu

2) Acne Studios – Adrian Black

These are so cool I would wear them with a suit. To me, this is the perfect sneaker shape. You can also find them in other interesting color combinations.

acne_adrianblack2 sneakers at silviutolu.comacne_adrianblack

3) CQP – Tarmac Dune

CQP is a Stockholm based company, currently selling two sneaker models and focuses on design (as you can tell), quality and craftsmanship.


4) Saturdays Surf NYC – Jay Suede Shoe

Minimalistic design. A higher sole. Looking like the upscale version of the Vans (though priced similarly). Love the dark olive color.


5) ETQ Amsterdam – Low Top White Crocodile look

Founded in 2010, ETQ  is driven to create aesthetic yet functional, enduring footwear saying that their design is generated under three standard rules: elegant, timeless, quality.


6) Buttero – Suede Tanino Low Sneakers

Made somewhere in Tuscany, Italy, they seem perfect for a stroll in your favorite Italian village. I find them really cool too. They also have leather shoe laces. Buttero also caries a bunch of great riding boots.