Looking at random stuff this morning I stumbled upon some great illustrations and that’s how I remembered how much I loved art deco travel posters.
In this post today I would like to share with you a few made by Roger Broders, commissioned by the French railway company Paris-Lyon-Mediteranée.
The posters were made for advertising purposes and somehow they do inspire me to travel. There is something like an old lost generation story behind each one and they make me want to find out more about it.
Many of them you’ll find in souvenir shops as postcards which are perfect to send to friends, to collect or to frame.

Antibes v.2_BLXP, 1/21/09, 2:36 PM, 16C, 6000x8000 (0+0), 100%, Better Push 6, 1/25 s, R70.3, G46.0, B63.8