On a sunny afternoon at the end of September (26/09/2019) I had the privilege of attending a quite exclusive experience with my fellow schoolmates – a private visit to Universo Ferrari, in Forza Rossa’s hometown, Maranello.

Our participation at the exhibition organized by The Ferrari Museum was made possible by the Dean of Bologna Business School‘s (where I am currently studying in an MBA program), Mr Massimo Bergami with support from Mr Marcello Russo, our Director of Studies and Mrs Barbara Biondi – the education manager.

Universo Ferrari - an exclusive visit
By Silviu Tolu
90 years of Scuderia Ferrari

I know that words won’t do justice to the feeling we’ve all had while learning about the heritage of Enzo, founder of the company, about the amount of collective effort put behind each vehicle, or the top performances of some of the new models. But I will do my best describing this unique, wonderful experience. By the way, at one point, we all had stickers put on our phone cameras but more on that later on.

The visit started casually with a glass of water (or juice) at the Forza Rossa Bar and a group photo at the wall, all while expectations and emotions increased considerably. We were given headphones and an audio device to hear the staff’s explanation better and soon enough we entered the first room, dedicated to the most successful team in the history of Formula One and to 90 years of Scuderia Ferrari.

Universo Ferrari - visit with the Global MBA team
Some of my Global MBA colleagues
Universo Ferrari - www.silviutolu.com
Constructors’ Trophies won in 2019

We then moved on to the next room, where we saw two iconic models – the 205GTO and the 308GTB (and I am a big fan of vintage everything) and we found out about the timeless excellence of Ferrari Classiche – which repairs, restores and certifies historic cars considered to be part of the company’s patrimony. Love at first sight.

Ferrari Classiche
Vintage Ferraris – my cup of tea

We then learned about the community – how owning a Ferrari is a dream because the owner becomes a part of the most compelling and romantic narrative in the automotive world, with Owners Club meetings and events in the most luxurious, exclusive (and sometimes remote) places of the planet. We saw a F1 car that was driven by the legend himself, Michael Schumacher and we were presented the new SF90 Stradale series, a pinnacle of design and engineering.

SF90 Stradale at Universo Ferrari - photos by Silviu Tolu
SF90 Stradale
Visit to Universo Ferrari on www.silviutolu.com

“The best is yet to come”

Then we were told we were going to be in the theater and we had our phone cameras covered with stickers so that we can’t take photos…

What I witnessed next is something that I will definitely remember all my life. An interactive experience in which we heard the specifications, we saw, we touched, we got in (but couldn’t take photos) the two newest Ferrari models which will come out early next year, two beautiful beasts that are masterpieces in terms of engine achievements and design. I can still hear the engines roar and trust me, if you are into automobile, it’s one of the best sounds you can hear from one!

Universo Ferrari - The Exclusive Visit
Not the newest models, but something just as good
silviutolu.com Ferrari Museum

Our visit to Universo Ferrari was not only a lesson in innovation, engineering and manufacturing from one of the world’s top car makers, but also a class act of organizing and promoting such an event. Moreover, it was an exercise in not compromising – excellence above anything.

One my colleagues, Alessio Romito, who is a big fan of Ferrari and a student in the Supercars, Superbikes and Motorsports Track at BBS was kind enough to share his thoughts on this wonderful experience:

“Going to Universo Ferrari has been a beautiful reminder of what is a childhood dream and why they are so important. It has also been very motivational, because it shows that those dreams can be achieved!”

Many thanks to everyone who has made this trip possible.

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