With Valentine’s Day around the corner, the pressure of getting the right gift is rising. Don’t let this moment which is supposed to be enjoyable and enjoyed fully to become a torture. Also, do both her and you a favor and stop looking for cliché objects.

Obviously, you don’t have to take my advice for granted, but here’s a list of ‘cool’ things – also related to her personality – that I would look up if I was getting my girlfriend a gift.

1) You can get her a Smythson Diary. You’ll encourage her do develop her creativity and her productivity. She will never miss a date after.
The price range is from £35 to £350 so you have plenty of affordable choices. Find more here.

2) If she’s the romantic type, a candle might be a good idea. And a Diptyque candle a better idea.
They are rather pricy compared to regular ones but they’re totally worth it. Make your own set or find maybe a home fragrance here.

3) If she is a tidy one, these Japanese brass desk trays look just right.
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4) For a pretentious girl, you might need to make an investment. Get her a piece of jewelry. I know that Tiffany is maybe what comes to your mind and it’s great, but save that for another occasion. I would suggest something like a David Yurman bracelet. These ones are around $600, but most of them are more expensive.

5) If she’s the artsy type and she likes to take photographs you should totally buy an instant camera like this Fujifilm. Just look how cute she’d look taking photos with it.

6) The bohemian girlfriend would love a hat. I promise you that she’ll be delighted with a Nick Fouquet one.
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7) Are you two adventurous together? Buy train tickets and go somewhere she’s never been before. Get a nice apartment and spend the Valentine’s Day weekend strolling in a city where no one knows you. I can tell you from my own experience that it can be magical if it’s done the right way.
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8) Finally, if she is more comfortable staying home you should invite her over and cook dinner. Make a shrimp dish and pair it with a bottle of Laurent Perrier Rose.

Obviously, the flowers are mandatory. Make her a beautiful bouquet.

I hope this list will help you find the right present or at least narrow your search efforts.
Have fun!